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Batman Cricket Services CC, along with its cricket brand, D&P Cricket, was formerly established in 1999, in Cape Town. Paul Borst, was one of the two founding members but has been the sole owner since 2008 when he bought out his business partner. In the beginning, Paul started out working on all aspects of making and repairing cricket bats. As the business grew, he was forced to spend less time physically working in the workshop and more time in the office – focusing on the shop and the day-to-day running and expanding of the business. Over the past 21 years, he has surrounded himself with experts in the field to ensure the continued production of world-class products and services.

Paul, flies to India twice a year to meet with numerous cricket equipment suppliers and constantly looks for innovations in cricket equipment as well as examining the latest technological advancements in the field. He spends a lot of time and thought in enhancing the design and performance of products. He has been visiting the UK once a year to strengthen his relationship with the wood yard (to secure a yearly supply of English Willow clefts) as well as to improve his relationships with the general cricket industry, including Masuri. Going forward, Paul will be spending much more time in the UK, his home country, growing the business there too.

D&P Cricket’s head office is situated in Ottery, Cape Town. It incorporates offices, a cricket shop, an indoor cricket facility (for coaching and cricket bat testing), a bat manufacturing and repair facility and a storage and distribution unit. It is not unusual to find an international or first-class cricketer wandering around the premises.

D&P Cricket has the ability to handcraft cricket bats and offer the best and honest advice. Its staff members are experienced and knowledgeable on all cricket equipment. This uniquely positions the brand to guarantee customer satisfaction.

From its inception, D&P Cricket has always been a customer care and quality-orientated business striving to offer cricketers everything under one roof. The brand has grown rapidly throughout South Africa and footprints have been made into the rest of the cricketing world. D&P Cricket now ranks in the top 4 cricket brands in South Africa – competing with Gray Nicolls, Kookaburra and GM. It can proudly call itself ‘South Africa’s leading cricket brand’.

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